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    The Road Doctor is family owned and operated with 30+ years of experience providing complete residential and commercial services involving asphalt paving, asphalt sealcoating, hot oil & chip paving, and concrete. We use only state and federally approved materials and take pride in our craft. From a small driveway entrance to a large parking lot, we welcome projects of any size, large or small. The Road Doctor does it all, does it well, and does it cost-effectively. We also provide discounts to current clients and seniors & veterans as well as offering referral bonuses. When quality counts, call The Road Doctor!

    Residential Asphalt Paving Bloomington

    Why You Need Residential Asphalt Paving Professionals

    People who have worked with asphalt in the past may feel like they can handle Bloomington, Illinois residential asphalt paving without the help of experts. Unfortunately, these individuals are probably entirely wrong. As a result, it is critical to know why you need professional help for this process.

    You Might Make a Big Mistake

    If you have some experience with residential asphalt paving – such as patching up your driveway a bit from time to time – you may think that you’re fully prepared to handle a total installation project. We can understand why this approach would seem so exciting. There is nothing quite like knowing that you put in with a little work yourself and that you don’t have to worry about paying anybody else to do it.

    Unfortunately, we have seen too many cases of people biting off more than they can chew and thinking that they can handle a process that is well beyond their abilities. This typically happens when a person tries to do something that they believe they can do – for whatever reason – and only end up making mistakes with the installation that requires professionals to manage and fix anyway properly.

    This upsetting situation is often tough to tolerate because it may end up costing you money and even causing complications with your installation process that can be hard to figure out and assess. You are likely to spend even more money on the repairs than you would have paid just getting somebody to install new asphalt for you in the first place. So make the right move and contact an expert.

    Better Materials are Available

    If you are trying to install asphalt on your own, you may end up seeing quite quickly that the asphalt you are pouring is no up to the standards that you want or deserve for this situation. That’s because many people don’t understand quite how to mix and heat asphalt and end up making it too watery or too cool and struggle to pour a consistent and high-quality level of residential asphalt paving.

    When this happens, you’re likely to end up with asphalt that doesn’t dry properly or look that good. Even worse, poor-quality pours like these can also cause complications with the structure of the pavement. As a result, it is possible that your asphalt could fail on you unexpectedly and leave you in a very frustrating situation. Again, repairs are usually necessary after trying to install pavement yourself.

    As a result, it is critical to call an expert to handle this situation. These professionals will do what they can to ensure that your asphalt is poured at an even temperature and adequately spread. In this way, they can help you avoid any complications and weakened pavement that can be quite frustrating and hard to tolerate. Just as importantly, it can make sure that you don’t have to get repairs too soon after.

    Ensures a Stronger Surface

    Even if you have the skills necessary to lay asphalt, you may end up discovering that your pavement is nowhere near as reliable as you’d hoped. This problem often occurs when homeowners don’t take the time to perform a few simple steps that keep asphalt secure and protected. First of all, it is vital to make sure that you understand the limitations that some asphalt types may possess.

    For example, you may try adding cold-mix asphalt to your driveway because you don’t like the high temperatures of hot-mix. This choice is a big mistake because cold-mix is not a good choice for driveways or high-traffic areas. As a result, you may end up developing more complications with your driveway that you could have otherwise avoided by going with experts.

    Just as importantly, experts understand how to install residential asphalt paving in a way that makes it as healthy as possible. These steps include finding the best place to pour, such as on specific types of soils, and bringing in new dirt if necessary. These experts can also flatten your work area, if necessary, to ensure that it is protected from any miscues or miscalculations in slope that may trigger concerns.

    Keeps You Safe

    While you might not think of residential asphalt paving as a dangerous prospect, you will take a few risks if you try to do it on your own. For example, you may end up pouring hot asphalt on yourself and burn quite severely. Even if you are very careful about how you handle the asphalt and take steps to avoid this problem, any time you work with hot material, this problem could happen.

    Just as importantly, you may not pour your asphalt in a way that creates maximum road safety. Typically, professionals know how to prevent skids on asphalt, stop splashback from water and other issues, and keep a slab of asphalt safer. As an amateur, you likely don’t possess these skills, limiting how secure it is for you to handle these items without causing any issue.

    As a result, it is just better to contact a professional who can do all of these complicated steps for you. By working with experts, you get the best chance to overcome this problem and create the high-quality pavement that you want and deserve for your home. You can keep yourself and your family safe by ensuring that everything is done smoothly, efficiently, and without any complications.

    We are Here to Help

    As you can see, the best residential asphalt paving in Bloomington, Illinois comes from a professional. So please don’t hesitate to contact us at The Road Doctor right away to learn more. Our experts will assess your pavement situation and do what they can to give you the best driveway.


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