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    Asphalt Repair Bloomington

    The Most Common Asphalt Repair Options

    When your driveway gets damaged, you may be worried about the kind of asphalt repair Bloomington, Illinois professionals can provide for you. Thankfully, these experts can create a wide variety of different options that can be very unique and beneficial for your repair needs. As a result, it is crucial to consider just how they can help you out in this individual situation.

    Fixing Minor Problems With Cold Patches

    A cold patch is probably one of the most common types of asphalt repair options that you’re going to see offered by many repair experts. That’s because these are among the most uncomplicated repairs to install and very useful for certain types of restorations. While they might not be right for everything that you need to be fixed on your home, they should provide a myriad of benefits that make them worth doing.

    First of all, a cold patch can be installed with no more than a shovel and a square hand tamper that helps to push the asphalt patch down and make it more durable and denser. Typically, this type of repair is done in more than 10-15 minutes, though the patch may take some time to cure. And you’ll usually see this type of repair done on pretty minor problems because it can serve as a bandage for the moment.

    You may also have to get these patches eventually replaced because they are not designed as a permanent repair solution. Instead, they are considered an excellent way to hold your pavement together until better and more resilient fixes can be done to their surface. As a result, you’ll usually find that you may want to wait for a little to get the high-quality repairs that your home needs to be as secure as possible.

    Adding a Strong Patch to the Surface

    Skin patching is a unique type of surface repair that is a step up from a cold patch because it will last longer and provide more protection. That said, it is still not a long-term or permanent repair option and shouldn’t be treated as such. But it can be a useful option for those who want to fix the surface of their driveway or parking lot and avoid costlier asphalt repair until they can save up more cash.

    Typically, this process is done in a way very similar to cold patching. However, it uses hot asphalt instead to create a patch that will provide a secure and more resilient surface on the crack. Unlike cold patches, which may only last a few months, a patch of this type may last for years at a time. Some people, therefore, just add skin patching to their driveway and replace it as needed.

    However, this option is not wise because it does not provide long-lasting benefits. And allowing the crack to stay in the asphalt gives it the chance to widen and damage other areas as well. Therefore, it is better to use a skin patch just for a while and then get different types of long-term repairs. Doing so will help to save you money by avoiding expensive fixes and avoiding complications as well.

    Removing Damaged Areas

    When your asphalt ends up getting pretty damaged, there comes a time when a patch cut and removal s necessary. This type of asphalt repair is usually used for alligator cracking, but it can be utilized for many different issues. Typically, it starts by cutting around the damaged area with a saw and removing all of the damaged asphalt. Then, the experts examine the underlying soil to see what happened.

    For example, there’s a good chance that soil stability and structure issues caused the asphalt to shift and crack in unpredictable ways. After this asphalt has been removed, new hot-mix asphalt is brought to the home and poured into the removed areas. The pavement is mixed to carefully blend with that which you already have to produce as smooth a seam as possible for your needs.

    However, there is always going to be a joint or seam near where you cut the asphalt for the repairs. As a result, you’ll need to add a hot-rubberized sealant to protect the cracks and stop water and other contaminants from getting inside of your pavement. When done correctly, this type of repair can be done in an afternoon and should have your driveway ready in a day or two after installation.

    Restoration With Infrared Help

    Although removal and replacement repairs are beneficial for most homeowners, some don’t want to use them. That’s because these techniques are often not as environmentally safe as others, which can be a significant problem for those who want to protect the environment. Thankfully, there are many alternative asphalt repair methods that a person can use to get help.

    For example, infrared asphalt restoration uses an infrared heater to heat the cracked hair to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Once this temperature is released, the asphalt will melt, and new asphalt can be carefully installed into the older mix to repair the break.

    This repair option is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to produce a lot of excessive waste with asphalt replacement. And this option also uses what is known as a rejuvenator solution to add life to the asphalt and make it even stronger. In this way, it is possible to replace and repair cracks without getting rid of an excessive amount of asphalt in the process, which is a significant deal.

    Don’t Try DIY Repairs

    As you can see, asphalt repair in Bloomington, Illinois takes on many different forms. However, you need to make sure that you don’t try to do these repairs on your own. Too many people try DIY maintenance and make big mistakes that cost them a lot of money. Instead, you should contact us at The Road Doctor to get the high-quality asphalt help that you need to make your driveway durable.


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