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    The Road Doctor is family owned and operated with 30+ years of experience providing complete residential and commercial services involving asphalt paving, asphalt sealcoating, hot oil & chip paving, and concrete. We use only state and federally approved materials and take pride in our craft. From a small driveway entrance to a large parking lot, we welcome projects of any size, large or small. The Road Doctor does it all, does it well, and does it cost-effectively. We also provide discounts to current clients and seniors & veterans as well as offering referral bonuses. When quality counts, call The Road Doctor!

    Asphalt Paving Springfield

    Why Asphalt Paving is Right for Your Parking Lot

    The nature of the best asphalt paving in Springfield, Illinois is that of a very strong, reliable, and high-quality pavement option that will provide you with many unique benefits. A large number of high-quality businesses utilize this pavement in their facilities to create a parking lot that will last for years and provide their customers with a safe and useful place to park. Here’s why you should seriously consider this option for your business and the benefits that it may provide you.

    Much Lower Price

    You run a business and profits are very important to you – that’s very understandable. Your bottom line should never be compromised by anything that is easy to avoid. For example, many people spend too much on various types of pavement for their parking lot and end up eating that extra cost later on down the road. Thankfully, asphalt paving can provide many benefits that make it more than worth your time.

    For example, it is much cheaper to install than other types of pavement. The reason for this is simple – it is easier to make and doesn’t take as many materials as other types of paving options. Though those pavement types do have benefits over this option, as a business person, you need to do what you can to make sure that you don’t spend too much money on projects like these for your company.

    And thankfully, the lower installation cost should help to make this an excellent choice for you. And don’t think that less expensive means cheap in this situation – far from it. A large number of people still get a high-quality experience from this pavement material and come to it time and time again to ensure that they keep a durable and robust parking lot available for their customers

    Fast Installation Time

    When you’re adding a new parking lot to your business, you’ll need to shut down for a while until your contractors are done. This waiting time is very frustrating and can open you up to a business loss. For example, if you are getting a new parking lot during the busiest time of the year, you may end up struggling to make ends meet if the installation takes too long for you to open up reasonably quickly.

    Thankfully, this problem is not an issue with asphalt paving. Rather than taking a week or more to install – common for other types of pavement – this option takes only a few days to lay and cure. As a result, you will only have to shut down your company for a very short period, often as little as a day or two, and won’t suffer from the kind of financial loss you may have experienced otherwise in your company.

    Just as importantly, you won’t have to wait for the surface to heal nearly as long, often what takes so long for other types of pavement to finish installing. Instead, you can open up after only a day or so and get people into your business much more quickly. This benefit is significant and should give you the help that you need to avoid compromises with your business operation.

    Longer Life

    When you’re investing in a parking lot or any type of upgrade for your business, you want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. A long life provides a few different benefits. First of all, it helps to make sure that you don’t have to install another parking lot or driveway any time soon. And it also helps to save you money by decreasing your maintenance and repair costs for your parking lot.

    Thankfully, asphalt paving will last you much longer than other types of pavement. While it will need some maintenance from time to time – no pavement is safe from this need – its demands are much lower than other types. Usually, all you need to do is seal the surface every few years and spot repair any cracks on the surface, and it should last you over 20 years or more without significant issues.

    And if you repair minor and significant issues with pavement replacement in spots, you can get your driveway and parking lot to last even longer. If you’re smart, there’s a good chance that a full replacement isn’t necessary for the whole life of your business and beyond. That is a huge benefit both to your pocketbook and the overall look and presentation of your business at the same time.

    Safer for the Environment

    Another interesting facet about asphalt paving is that it is much safe for the environment than some other types of paving. This fact may confuse some business owners because they know that it is made out of oil and different kinds of petroleum products. However, what they may not realize is that this pavement is also easy to recycle and can be used on projects for years and years after it is recycled.

    That’s because recycling facilities can easily handle the needs of this paving material and convert it into new types quite easily. Even better, a recycled pavement of this type is often reinforced with a myriad of unique elements that make them even more durable. And beyond the recycled status, porous pavements of this type let water flow more quickly through the surface to avoid damage via erosion.

    Let Us Help You Out

    As you can see, the best asphalt paving in Springfield, Illinois can provide you with many benefits that are hard to get in any other way. So if you want to ensure that your parking lot is in great shape and that you don’t run into any issues with its integration, please contact us today at The Road Doctor to learn more. Our professionals know how to install this type of pavement very quickly and efficiently. They also know how to provide you with many other benefits, such as maintenance and repairs, that will keep your pavement secure and protected from damage issues.


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